An advanced web-based, mid-office solution which integrates with your front and back office systems where required, allowing you to streamline your business operations to ultimately save time and reduce costs. With logical intuitive workflows from trip creation to invoicing, receipting, supplier payments and reporting, Vto Ultimate is available in either leisure, broker/homebased or wholesale models, as well as multi-branch configuration.

Exclusive Agency branded Client Portal – reduces calls to customer service

The client portal empowers your clients to access their documentation 24/7 without the need to contact you. They can view receipts, invoices and travel itineraries as well as update their profile data and settle any outstanding invoices via the Mint payment gateway, via a fully encrypted secure link provided by you.

Intuitive workflow for a simplified user experience

Vto Ultimate is designed with the user in mind, the main dashboard that provides quick access to client profiles and trips as well as a list of up to the 25 most recent trips, that can be edited from the main dashboard. The Reports dashboard gives you direct access to extensive critical reports and including departure and arrival alerts and onboard reminders.

Integration capabilities for a seamless workflow
  • Available in multi-branch configurations for leisure, wholesale and broker/home based models and multi branch
  • Accommodates multiple branch identities, addresses, financial data, conditions and reports
  • Administrator managed user permissions
  • Direct API interface to Xero accounting
  • Exports to MYOB accounting systems
  • Merge multiple PNR’s into the one file/trip
Extensive reporting capabilities to optimise business efficiencies
  • Multiple report levels, including report selection
  • Monitor consultant productivity and sales forecasts
  • Administrator managed consultant/broker commission splits
  • Daily banking and multi page reconciliation functionality
Integrate group and wholesale bookings within the Vto Ultimate workflow
  • Book group travel
  • Generate group reports
  • Arrange group supplier payments
  • Generate wholesale invoices from Vto Ultimate for on-selling to other travel agencies
  • Supplier/creditor multi-currency reporting for wholesalers
  • Fully integrated international currencies module
Manage your corporate bookings more efficiently
  • Automated corporate booking fees and sector fees
  • Create corporate specific traveller profiles
  • Assign traveller profiles to multi level cost centres
  • Store & review corporate traveller assigned preferences
  • Manage multi level corporate cost centres
  • Store tokenized card details through the Mint Payment Gateway
  • Specialised corporate reports focused on the critical data at all times
Build your brand and customer loyalty
  • Exclusive agency branded Client Portal to view client invoices and travel itineraries, Supplier Vouchers as well as update profile information
  • Generate in-house branded vouchers
  • Simplified Client Relationship Management (CRM) allows the creation of mail and email merge files for direct marketing, plus selectable data exports for upload to SMS systems
Unparalleled System Support
  • Specialist local support when you need it
  • A continuing development cycle for solution enhancements
Additional Automated time-saving features
Vto Ultimate is SaaS (Software as a Service), Cloud Based and delivers on every promise every time.
  • Create Client Profiles on the fly from data included in the GDS PNR, including address, phones, fax, email, passport, frequent flyer and SSR meals data
  • Upload single or multiple client profiles with all the necessary info to the GDS saving time and data entry errors.
  • Update PNR’s including date and itinerary data along with sector pricing details.
  • Merge PNR’s then Update as required
  • Merge passive sectors including sector pricing
  • Automatically load Sell & Nett pricing from the PNR
  • Automatically load Booking or Service Fees from the PNR
  • Includes product packaging
  • Copy & Paste sectors within a trip or from Trip to Trip
  • Email Receipts and allocated payments
  • Generate high quality easy to read Itineraries and vouchers
  • Tracks complete trip histories, client spend, agency costs and margins
  • Realtime API Links to Xero Accounting (no exporting) **
  • Financial data exports to MYOB
  • Caters for BPAY Invoicing
  • Tracks all Debtors and Creditors
  • Comprehensive multi level reports including ATAS, Client Trip Balance, Trial Balance, Projected Commissions, Forward Sales, Productivity reports and a whole lot more
  • Direct access to “Live” support from the desktop no 1800 0r 1300 calls
  • Easy to manage desktop reminders (To Do List) via on-board reminders
  • Direct access to preferred Supplier web sites via Vto WebLinx
  • Generate client invoices in foreign currencies
  • Available in Leisure , broker/home based and Wholesale * agency configuration, Multi Branch * & Multi Currency * & Lite Wholesale
  • Ultimate is GDS agnostic
  • Full Back Office Accounting via Xero Accounting **

*Version Dependent  **Additional Fees Apply