Welcome to the Ultimate Master Class

Here you can fine tune your skills at your own pace without the pressures of a classroom environment.

In the tool boxes linked to this page are the Audio Visual demonstrations of the features you need to study to become proficient in successfully using VTO Ultimate.

The Tutorials are displayed in logical VTO work flow order with the following Master Class options, “Fast Track” & “Admin Back Office”.

Fast Track

Fast Track focuses on getting you started with processing transactions in VTO from PNR creation in the GDS, importing and updating or merging the PNR data, receipting and allocating client payments, generating invoices, vouchers, itineraries etc. all of the everyday consultant functions.

Admin Back Office

Admin Back Office focuses on the tasks which need to be processed to ensure all reporting is accurate and reflects the true status of all files / client trip histories from recording supplier settlements, claiming available commissions, processing daily banking, doing Bank Reconciliation’s in VTO and or exporting financial data from VTO to your preferred accounting package. We also focus on general system maintenance like consultant preferences, maintaining Product / Carrier profiles and Supplier / Creditor profiles and more.