Michelle Barker
Managing Director
| Jayes Travel

We were using an alternative mid-office system for 10+ years, and couldn’t be happier after changing to VTO. 

The VTO team are flexible in making changes and are willing to work with our ideas to ensure the system works well for the travel agent/end user.

During COVID-19 they have allowed us to alter our licences without question and have supported the difficult year we have had.

Their system is great but it’s the personal, quick, efficient service that makes VTO stand out from the rest.

Michelle Toner
Manager | Toners Travel & Cruise

Having been with VTO (TravelPartner) from its original conception and its very first client, I must say that the relationship I have built with Keith and his team is one that I cherish very much. Being able to just pick up the phone or write an email knowing that the team will fix any issue or query I have is amazing. I have had many a laugh with Keith and this is priceless given the current global crisis we are all facing.

I have seen many changes over the last 20 years (yes 20 years) and most of them good. When I haven’t agreed with the changes, Keith accepts my reasons and allows me to work the way I want which is why VTO is so flexible to each individual office. I know the team is moving with the times making the program as streamlined as possible, because lets face it we are all time poor, but if you are like me and like to do things the old way – the system caters for this as well.

I look forward to working with you into the future (maybe another 20 years)

Kathy Granger
Director | Burnie and Smithton Travelcentres

VTO is the best!  It is easy to learn, easy to use, makes sense, and operates in a way that a travel transaction

Has to flow.  I love that it downloads to XERO and that makes that side of it easy for me too.

If I do have a question Keith is straight on to it for me and does my fix if I have made an error. 

I am happy to talk to anyone who wants more info – but you wont get a bad word from me !

Poh Tan
Owner | Grand Travel

Moving to VTO was one of the best choices I have made for my business in this decade. With its clean and user-friendly interface, VTO is easy to learn and use.

The seamless communication between VTO and Xero is simply a match made in heaven. Both systems merge beautifully and because of this I was able to cut down on my bookkeeping fees by an estimate of 80%.

Remote access also means that I can still keep up with my business even if I am overseas. I have never looked back after using VTO and I highly recommend business owners look into it too.

Allan Hopper
Founder | Hopperound – The Travel Agency

VTO Ultimate is a state of the art Mid Office system that is very easy to use, is very logical and puts you completely in control of your business. 

The team is very responsive and helpful and they are constantly looking at ways to improve an already excellent system. 

There is also an amazing client portal where your clients can log in to update their profile, retrieve documents and make payments for outstanding amounts, saving you hours of work. 

Having used other systems, I rate VTO Ultimate at the top.  It is also very affordable, without any minimum licence requirement.  I highly recommend VTO Ultimate!